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About Us

Our company was founded in 1975 as OMIS Machinery Industry. Now it continuous its activites as OMIS Machinery Industry and Foreign Trade Limited Company

It has proud for producing the first double-speed mixer in Turkey. Planet mixer, spiral dough mavhine and standart dough machine rank among in its product range.

Our company has demonstrated the success in getting the first TSE and CE certificates by being the first. It has been identified the mixer that is in in its production range our company name OMIS.

It is feeling right proud of making production with all the Turkish engineers and technicians and by using the raw materials much of them are of Turkish origin.

Our Understanding of "do not try to recommend the goods that you have not liked" is Iying behing the great success of our company up to now.

We are proud of joining of our valuable customers like you in the family of OMIS in this approach.

"Mixer will be prompted with its name, each mixer ,s not OMIS." Look for the OMIS Logo on our products.

"OMIS is an Osman Mustafa İsmet ESTABLIHSMENT"